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Technical Translation

The world of technical translation has also changed since we started our company in 1983. Back then, fluency in foreign languages, particularly English, was not such a big deal and many developers and technicians wrote technical descriptions and program texts themselves, in various different languages, if necessary. The results were sometimes incomprehensible, but they were accepted and there were rarely any complaints.

Today, polished and professional translation, even in technical fields, is essential if a company wants to stand out from the crowd. The focus is on user-friendly instruction and explanation, and on making difficult concepts sound comprehensible.

At Contran, we want to be able to understand the product ourselves by the time we’ve finished the translation. And if anything is unclear – our number one priority is to check back with the customer.

We do technical translation into English, German, French, Simplified Chinese and Portuguese. All our translators are native speakers. We are competent in the latest versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Here are some examples of the technical translations we do for our customers:

  • White Papers
  • Technical specifications
  • Technical flyers
  • Operating Instructions
  • Release Notes